Purchase - Your company can purchase any type of refurbished technology hardware needed at deeply discounted rates. Don't go to the manufacturers, when you can purchase refurbished hardware with warranties and all the bells

and whistles. 

Trading - At Refurb Technologies you can trade in your old, obsolete hardware for updated, completely refurbished product. Our purchasing team will work with you getting the best possible value for your equipment. Once the value

is derived we will put it towards the purchase of your new gear.

Recycle - Refurb Technologies is committed to offering electronic recycling services in accordance with EPA

regulations by offering full service computer recycling. Refurb offers e-waste computer recycling services.

If your organization has a need to dispose of out of service or broken electronic components, allow Refurb to work 

with you to create a solution that meets your needs, and staying committed to a top green environment.

Data Destruction - Refurb Technologies understands that secure destruction of personally identifiable and sensitive company information is important to you. As such, we offer data destruction options based on your Company's

security needs. From hard drive shredding to data wiping, our goal is to ensure your recordable media is effectively destroyed.

 Shipping - Refurb Technologies handles all the logistics and pays for all the shipping to our location.

Our services

Technology Asset Recovery-maximize the

Return on Investment of your excess or obsolete equipment.

We will purchase any out-dated obsolete equipment you have. Our purchasing team will have an offer to  you
within 24-48 hours of receiving your list!