Looking to Sell Your Computers?

We want to buy your old used computers from you. If your older laptops or desktops are still usable, consider selling them to us to help offset your future IT office tech equipment upgrade costs. Give Refurb a call or get an online quote. If your computers are broken, inoperative, or obsolete, consider recycling them with Refurb this week.

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Our Mission to Repurpose, Recycle or Dispose

Repurpose or recycle your working computers to save money on equipment costs

We work hard to repurpose, re-manufacture, or recycle the working IT office technology to save companies money on their future office equipment upgrade costs and reduce the unneeded consumption of Earth’s natural resources. Equipment with minor problems may go through our refurbishment process to restore its functionality and improve its appearance. If our efforts cannot breathe new life into old equipment, we will safely and efficiently dispose of the components using the best eco-friendly channels including laptop recycling and computer recycling. Since we recycle and dispose of the equipment, in addition to repurposing and reselling the items, your old used IT equipment does not need to be in perfect shape to qualify for our programs.

Let us take your bulk used office equipment off your hands.

We buy old, used and unwanted computers in bulk.

How Selling Used Gear Works

Our easy buy and sell used office equipment process


Use our free online quote form, email or call


We provide shipping, or pick-up/pack-up your equipment


Once received, we then test all your gear for quality.


Via check or cash.