• Dion Williams
    2023-06-26 11:41:16

    We (Knapp Inc) was looking for a company to recycle our equipment, and also did the complete data destruction (ISO27001) with documentation. They have a fast turn around and the payout is great. I will be using this company moving forward.

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  • Brandy Adams
    2023-07-03 11:16:45

    They were great! I have been looking for a place I could afford to get this done and they had the best quote and even saved me some money off that. They were courteous, stayed in touch and are now working on several friends and family of mine! I will definitely refer them and use them again in the future.

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  • heet thakkar
    2023-07-12 05:56:45

    Refurb Technologies is an outstanding company with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I had a wonderful experience with them. I highly recommend Refurb Technologies for their exceptional services. Thank you, Refurb Technologies, for a great experience!

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  • Debra Turner
    2023-07-12 05:59:32

    Refurb Technologies were extremely helpful and patient as I took forever to make a decision about recycling; however, they sent gentle reminders and were quick to schedule once the decision was made. The staff was helpful from the sales staff (Joey Baker) to the pick-up staff. The pick-up staff were efficient and very helpful in getting us cleaned up and our retired technology recycled and out of the landfill. THANK YOU!

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  • Beth barbaro
    2023-07-12 06:03:58

    This company is amazing! They schedule the pick up and do all of the work. They load it into the vehicle and give you a list of items that they picked up. They scrub the data in a secure location. We have called them more than once. Thanks for all you do.
    Keep up the great job of helping businesses!

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  • Justin Depo
    2023-07-12 06:39:44

    Every time I've had to deal with refurb tech they have been a breeze to work with. We are very happy with the service that Joey Baker and his team provides. I don't know everyone's name that works to help us but if I did I would have a much longer review as they all deserve a big thank you for making it so easy. I've even considered breaking more electronics just to recycle them.

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  • Cole Sumner
    2023-07-12 06:40:56

    Great group of people who come together to meet all of their clients needs. Safest way to dispose and recycle extra or outdated hardware. Highly recommend if you're looking for professional and efficient service!

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  • Wade Sixsmith
    2023-07-12 06:49:34

    Refurb Technologies has been our e-waste partner since our first pick up in August of 2021. They are doing good things by keeping as much out of the landfills as they can and providing a second life to much of our gear that has simply met it's return on investment. Joe is great to work with coordinating the equipment pickup, Rob is efficient in getting the gear onto his truck. This sure beats the scrap metal service we had previously used to haul our gear away simply to find it's way to a foundry.

    They can't always offer compensation for things that seem to still have value, but they have previously given us compensation. If you're on the fence, give them a shot.

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  • Sharon Shevela
    2023-07-12 06:51:17

    Amazing company. Great customer service and very helpful. They literally took all of my old monitors and other electronics that they could use off my hands so I didn't have to worry about throwing them out.
    Great company

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  • Johnathan Padgett
    2023-07-12 07:09:13

    Great company. The staff was helpful and friendly. Plus I was able to get rid of my old laptop and now someone else can use it.

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