Are you trying to sell your laptop online? If you are trying to get some extra cash, selling your laptop online may be a straightforward way to do so. It is true whether you are upgrading to a new model or just looking to tidy your space. 

This article will help you make a transaction quickly. We will do this by walking you through the procedure step by step.

Preparing to Sell Your Laptop 


Gather your laptop information 

Search online for your laptop and choose a price that is competitive with the cost of your laptop. To successfully sell your laptop online, select the appropriate pricing. It would help if you researched the value of your laptop. It includes both new and used models. It will give you a general sense of how much to ask.

  • The price will depend on how you use your laptop. But, it should be like most other used devices.
  • The rapid pace of technological advancement also causes items to lose value quickly. Selling your laptop for less than you paid would help. You got it over a year ago, so it’s worth has likely dropped.

Look into selling your laptop online 

Good options for sell laptop for cash include eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook. These platforms give sellers the most control over their laptop sales.

  • When you choose this option, you will be required to submit a listing, and you will be required to pay a success fee. However, you have the power to increase the price of your laptop to cover this cost.
  • When using person-to-person platforms, you should exercise extreme care. You do hear about the rare transaction that goes wrong. Most encounters go well.

Inquire about selling your laptop in person 

You have a few choices if you'd rather not sell your laptop online but would instead do it in person. Ask at pawn shops and electronics stores to see if you can buy old laptops. Ask a skilled friend or repair business for advice if you want to avoid buying it. You can save money on shipping and get paid immediately if you sell in person. But to prevent problems, ensure you're happy with the deal and the buyer's credibility.

Look into trading your laptop for store credit 

If you want store credit, consider trading it in with your laptop. You will reduce part of the price of your new laptop right away if you choose this option. It might be a great choice when upgrading. To add insult to injury, this eliminates the inconvenience of posting an ad and waiting for bids to come in.

  • When selling your laptop, consider selling it to many other places. Not just to the source. You will get various offers from various locations, and shopping around is essential to choose the best one.

Choose the platform to sell your laptop 

You must choose which platform you want to sell your laptop from. Decide how to sell your laptop. Use the info you gained from using it.

  • You could sell laptop online on a trading website like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. You could set the price high. You may trade it in at a store if it does not sell in time.

Listing Your Laptop for Sale 

Create a good heading for your listing 

Readers notice two things first: the main picture and the headline. It would help if you made a heading. The heading needs to give buyers the product name and a reason to buy.

  • Choose the best part of your laptop, like free shipping, brand new, or 16GB RAM. Include it in your header under the product name.
  • The phrase "HP EliteBook 14" LED UltraBook has an Intel Core i7-4600U and 8GB RAM. It's an example of a heading that might be considered appropriate.

Take good-quality photos of your laptop 


Take high-quality photos highlighting the impressive features of your laptop. Include many photos. Take them from many angles. They will help buyers see the product you are selling.

  • You should not use stock photos of the laptop in your listing since it is not a smart idea. Use your photos. They will help buyers see the laptop's condition.

Write a clear and concise description for your listing 

The description of your listing must be clear and concise. To obtain additional information, viewers will need to visit this location. Take care to convey your information in a clear, well-written, and simple style. It should be easy to understand.

  • Please provide the viewer with a list of the specs of your laptop. It includes the screen size, CPU, graphics card, RAM, and hard drive space.
  • Put the best qualities first. But, if there are any problems, it helps to highlight them at the bottom. By doing this, you won't be taking advantage of anyone's needs.

Include special features in your listing 

To add these features to your listing, publicly advertise them. The more unique features you provide will raise the price. They will also speed up sales. Buyers on trading platforms want the most value for their money.

  • You may include a free case, free shipping, or an extended warranty in the package that you sell with your laptop. These are great features. They will make your laptop more appealing to buyers.

Indicate how you will be shipping your laptop 

Please provide the method by which you want your laptop to ship. Offer a set charge for shipment. Or, offer free shipping as an extra feature. Or, give an approximate location where buyers can pick up the laptop from you. Both of these options are currently available.

  • It depends on the selling platform. You may need to ship your laptop via a courier. Or the buyer will pick it up. You can bring your laptop into the shop if you already trade it in.

Wait for your offers to flood in and pick the best one 

While waiting for your bids to come in, pick the best one. If you made a good ad and chose the right platform and price, you should get many offers for your like-new, used laptop.

Handing off Your Laptop to The Buyer

Protect crucial laptop data by backing up. Save any info, docs, images, or apps you want to keep on an external hard drive. You will then transfer them to your new laptop or PC. Factory reset your laptop. It removes personal info from your laptop that you don't want others to see. DOD wipes, or KillDisk may destroy all your data. Or, reinstall the OS without adding anything. 

Clear your laptop for the next person. To remove dust and fingerprints from your laptop and screen, wipe it down. It is to ensure the buyer has a positive experience. Many selling platforms display ratings and feedback. They do so when used again. So, be sure to put in the extra effort! Send your laptop to the buyer. 

Take your laptop to the post office, pay the stated shipping, and send it to your buyer. Email or SMS the buyer if a tracking number is given. Properly package and address the laptop. Could you not send it to the incorrect location? Make sure the package has all agreed-upon items. These include the charger, laptop cover, and so on.


If you follow these instructions, selling your laptop online may be fast and easy. You will attract potential buyers and make a sale if you gather all the needed info. Then, take good photos and be honest in your ads.