• Cassandra Parker
    2023-07-12 13:29:25

    Great quality work along with fast friendly service.

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  • Monica Griffin
    2023-07-12 13:36:35

    I came across Refurb Technologies on Facebook, what they are doing for families is magic!! Having a laptop for work/school is going to help me out big time & open many more opportunities for me to find a job! Thank you!!

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  • stephen bennett
    2023-07-17 09:52:56

    Very professional pick up and proper disposal of our old computer equipment. It was nice to know that our old stuff was being properly recycled and would not end up in a landfill.
    Very impressed with this company and would highly recommend!

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  • Joey Garrison
    2023-07-17 09:54:56

    Customer service was top notch and they were a pleasure to deal with!!!!

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  • Gina Baker
    2023-07-17 09:56:23

    Honestly this is a goated company, they got me a pretty sick laptop that I use for school work and gaming. 10/10 would recommend

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  • Emily Poston
    2023-07-17 09:57:08

    I’m very thankful to have received a free laptop from Refurb Technologies! Y’all are the best.

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  • Rico Cornell
    2023-07-17 09:57:58

    Amazing company helping in a time of need for my children with at home Technology for school and educational needs. Thank you so much for being so amazing and helping us when we needed it.

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  • DaShavey Mccamey
    2023-07-17 09:59:41

    I seen an ad for a free laptop. I applied and received an email saying tht it was a real deal lol. I always think everything is a scam so I just keep scrolling. For some reason this ad caught my eye and yes they replied and I’m receiving a totally free laptop. Th ks again!!

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  • Chris Craig
    2023-07-17 10:00:55

    Great folks to deal with and they make it convenient by picking up from our office. I've used them twice now and I feel confident with their services.

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  • Michael Alan
    2023-07-17 10:01:56

    Great site wouldn’t use anybody but them

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