• Suzy Q
    2023-07-12 07:16:25

    I heard about Refurb Technologies through a friend, how they help others by giving back to their own community. I wish I had known about RT when my laptop completely quit on me. Now I definitely know where to go to in the near future.

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  • Peter Minetos
    2023-07-12 07:28:37

    We are thrilled Refurb Technologies is our e-recycle partner. They are easy to work with, responsive, will come to the site to retrieve the items for e-recycle, provide a data destruction certificate... and will provide some compensation if there is value they can extract from the items! 5 Stars.

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  • Cynthia Cox
    2023-07-12 07:32:49

    Joey and his team are top notch! They worked with me over MONTHS while I balanced all the everything to move forward with clearing out space for a school's library. I recommend them 10/10 ?

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  • Torey Bennett
    2023-07-12 07:36:14

    We have been using Refurb Technology for years to recycle computer equipment. They are out at least once a month of not more. Always responsive and helpful. Working with Joey has always been a pleasure and looking forward to years more working with Refurb for our recycle needs.

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  • mavis fulton
    2023-07-12 07:45:35

    I have been working with my rep, Joey, for over a year now. Great local business with local families making a difference in their community. I highly recommend Refurb Technologies to any and all companies.

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  • Holley Alderman
    2023-07-12 07:47:25

    Refurb Technologies (Joey Baker) was very helpful with what options I had with the several laptops & devices I have that are old or either no longer working. Will definitely be bringing those items to them!

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  • Stephanie Henderson
    2023-07-12 07:48:59

    Refurb has been such a lifesaver for my small business!! They made the process of erasing my hard drive and recycling my old computers so easy! Will definitely use them again!

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  • Sean Miller
    2023-07-12 07:54:30

    Wonderful company, great customer service. Definitely dedicated to taking care of their customers. I can't recommend them enough!

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  • Myles Simmons
    2023-07-12 07:55:30

    Refurb Technologies are awesome! I found their customer service to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and like the rest of their staff extremely dedicated to the task of preventing E-waste from ending up in landfills which is also a huge concern of mine.
    The staff are very professional and courteous are very pleasant and enjoyable to work with.

    I had some old computers, broken flat screen TVs, a busted printer, and a broken monitor taking up space in a closet that I didn't want to have to bother with recycling or fixing myself.

    Joey with Refurb noticed me mention it in a group chat and helped me schedule a pick up of my unwanted, in my opinion, junk.

    I didn't want to just put it out on the curb to end up in a landfill and I'm really thankful that the Refurb team were able to schedule a convenient time, which they arrived within rather promptly, to take that stuff off my hands.

    Refurb Technologies rocks and are actually helping to save the world one E-waste pick up at a time!

    Not all heroes wear capes!

    10/10 would recommend!

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  • jason write
    2023-07-12 07:56:34

    Was looking for a e-waste tech company that was local and Refurb Tech. Fit the bill. Joey Baker was more than helpful answering all the questions I had. Would highly recommend.

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