• Heather Shoemake
    2023-07-12 11:38:53

    I called them to schedule a pickup and they were super quick and a pleasure to deal with! Thank you!

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  • Juliana Gonzalez
    2023-07-12 11:41:25

    I really enjoyed the customer service, they were really helpful. I would recommend ??

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  • Joseph Mongelli's
    2023-07-12 11:43:24

    The whole experience was an overall pleasure. The team very knowledgeable, respectful, and professional- from here on, I will be continuing to utilize their services and having my old computing devices refurbished or recycled by them.

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  • Angela “Angel” House
    2023-07-12 11:44:24

    I went searching for a company to get rid of some old equipment we had at the company I work for, thinking it would be a difficult process. But that was not the case with Refurb Technologies. From the first time speaking to them it was a seamless process. They explained everything very clearly, they were super professional and they offered a fair price for the equipment. I have added them to my contacts for future reference for sure! Thanks a bunch!

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  • Andrea Green
    2023-07-12 11:45:29

    They got in touch with me in a timely manner which I really appreciate it. They said that they will ship my laptop out as soon as possible and I can't wait to receive it. Very nice representatives. Handled my concerns professionally.Thank you.

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  • Nicholas Hamilton
    2023-07-12 11:47:41

    Great customer service all around. They can handle large sized orders efficiently and timely and I owe many thanks to Joey. Highly recommend !

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  • Kimberly Watkins
    2023-07-12 11:49:25

    Fantastic company to work with! The customer service is awesome and made everything so easy. I would definitely recommend them.

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  • Shekenya Walker
    2023-07-12 11:50:39

    Amazing company! Saw a FB post regarding a free laptop. I definitely didn't think it was legit, but they got back in contact with me and I quickly realized it was. I'm definitely glad I took the time to submit my information.

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  • David Beaird
    2023-07-12 11:52:46

    This organization is extremely professional and exhibits the highest level of customer service. Highly recommended… nice work!!!

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  • Domino Beats
    2023-07-12 11:56:23

    They’re super quick, easy, professional, and thorough. Super awesome company to work with, I’m recommending this company to family as I post this. Thank you again!

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