• Joey Baker
    2023-07-12 12:45:36

    Refurb is the ONLY go to for ALL your e-waste needs!!! From the friendly voice that picked up the phone w/in 3 rings, to the constant staying in the loop communication, to the amazing driver who picked up everything in such a quick & efficient matter!!! A very detailed, very thorough and very honest company to do business with!!!

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  • Ashley Swords
    2023-07-12 12:46:37

    Great experience overall. Stellar customer service, will come back with my technology needs!

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  • Kennard forts
    2023-07-12 12:47:49

    They was fast , efficient . communicate very well and professional Thank you for the Free Laptop ?? I will definitely refer family and friends to you guys thank you again thank you for allowing me to be your new customer and able to experience great customer service . The laptop is something I needed for my child and you was able to provide that for me .

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  • Joe Johnson
    2023-07-12 12:57:44

    I always use Refurb Tech. For my electronics disposal needs. Joey Baker has always been a great help with any questions I've had.

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  • Greg Stafford
    2023-07-12 12:58:40

    Our experience with Refurb has been excellent. John Gold provided timely quotes and arranged pick up, of our electronics. They deserve more than the 5-stars!

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  • Greg Sanders
    2023-07-12 13:01:10

    What a great company to deal with, they provided great service and the employees are professional throughout the entire situation of there offerings.

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  • Jasmine
    2023-07-12 13:02:07

    These guys do a phenomenal job!! Keep up the great work!!

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  • Jim Harrington
    2023-07-12 13:03:31

    John and his team are great. They do what they tell you they will in a professional and efficient manner. I'll definitely use them again and would refer to them without a second thought.

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  • Candace Crook
    2023-07-12 13:04:22

    I called them to schedule a pickup and they were super quick and a pleasure to deal with. Awesome company!

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  • Rachel Risby
    2023-07-12 13:16:31

    Thanks to Refurb Technologies, for helping our household in a time of need. My daughter is able to do her classwork online and not miss any days logging in due to bad weather etc from public library setting.

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