• Jackie Hopgood
    2023-07-12 13:17:31

    What a great company! What a great bunch of people!!! I'm glad I found them because they have me for life.

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  • Chevy Truck
    2023-07-12 13:18:04

    Awesome!! Great company and customer service was amazing!

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  • Gina Baker
    2023-07-12 13:19:40

    Refurb is a great company. It's always nice to have a company that makes things go smoothly with everything going on thank you

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  • Kathleen McElveen
    2023-07-12 13:21:48

    Staff was super friendly and I was able to recycle and old laptop I couldn't use anymore. What an awesome business!

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  • Tiffany Phipps
    2023-07-12 13:22:43

    Awesome service, definitely recommend! I will be a repeat customer! Joey Baker was huge help!

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  • Nora. Strickland
    2023-07-12 13:24:04

    Hey I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joey and knowing him the work is being done with accuracy and a friendly and professional service.

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  • Santana Saulsberry
    2023-07-12 13:25:01

    This is a great company….. I really recommend!

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  • Clyde McaGraw
    2023-07-12 13:25:32

    A good company with excellent customer service pleasant to talk to

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  • Alex Baker
    2023-07-12 13:26:32

    Awesome company, wonderful experience. 10 out of 10!

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  • Mark Wineck
    2023-07-12 13:27:29

    Great Company to work with . Staff was very helpful , answered all my questions. Overall an excellent experience

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