• Arthur Gillespie
    2023-07-12 11:57:52

    Absolutely fantastic service. Saved me an incredible amount of time and the owners of my company were really happy with it.
    The staff here are very kind and willing to help out no matter what.

    Thank you so much!!

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  • Charlie Johnson
    2023-07-12 12:04:32

    This is a awesome company ,great service and very easy to deal with

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  • Dorothy Harmon
    2023-07-12 12:05:50

    This company is amazing! Top notch customer service! Answered all of my questions thoroughly, with quick response time! Highly recommend!

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  • Matthew Risby
    2023-07-12 12:07:17

    Refurb Technologies are awesome!! Their customer service team are kind and very responsive.

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  • Gordon Giddings
    2023-07-12 12:08:11

    I used Refurb Technologies to get cash for my used electronics. The staff was very helpful and easy to deal with. Impeccable customer service! Thanks, RT!!!

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  • Kenny Cherney
    2023-07-12 12:09:29

    Used them several times to clear out our businesses unused hardware. Always easy to work with and helpful.

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  • Mark Rose
    2023-07-12 12:41:12

    I want to thank these guys for all of the hard work they do! I must say that Joseph has been fantastic when it comes to communication! Thanks alot!

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  • Steve Blanchard
    2023-07-12 12:42:08

    I have had only positive experiences with Refurb Technologies! They stand behind their service and always meet or exceed my expectations.

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  • Carla Moore
    2023-07-12 12:43:06

    The service and people were awesome to deal with..I would use them again

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  • Michael Haun
    2023-07-12 12:44:36

    We have been utilizing Refurb Technologies recycling services for sometime now, and it has been an outstanding, and hassle free experience. Can't recommend their services enough. Great communication, quick pick ups, and quick payments. We haven't had to worry about our ever growing stock of out of date laptops and other IT equipment for some time thanks to Refurb technologies.

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