• Roneisha Wilson
    2023-07-17 11:01:40

    I love this company! I really needed a laptop and they sent me one!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

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  • Juelz Love
    2023-07-17 11:02:50

    Fantastic service! Quick and easy!

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  • Petra K.
    2023-07-17 11:05:06

    Great service and friendly staff!

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  • McKen
    2023-07-17 11:05:59

    I can not thank Refurb Technologies enough for the donation,it will truly help my household tremendously. Thank you very much ??

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  • Nicole Chester
    2023-07-17 11:06:48

    Great company!!!!! Five stars ?? in

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  • TIm Runyon
    2023-07-17 11:07:36

    Refurb Technologies provided company wide PC's for my business and the entire experience was excellent!

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  • Travis Threadgill
    2023-07-17 11:09:17

    I couldn’t believe how little they charged and fixed all of my problems quickly

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  • Debra McGee
    2023-07-17 11:10:30

    This is an awesome company. Nice and very friendly customer service

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  • Antonio Mccray
    2023-07-17 11:11:54

    Yall are the best if when I I get my free laptop may God bless yall 10 fold amen and thanks for yall time.

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  • MeAshley Johnson
    2023-07-17 11:13:01

    Awesome company my family got a laptop and it helps us all out!

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