• Anthony Bridges
    2023-07-12 11:17:24

    Great customer service and is always on time to pick up your items. I would recommend them to anyone looking to recycle their equipment They always arrive on time to get the equipment

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  • Fernando Romero
    2023-07-12 11:18:32

    I love the services a Refurb Technologies and I will definitely recommend to my next door neighbor.

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  • Dria’s Show
    2023-07-12 11:20:36

    I was very pleased with how they considered my time while servicing me & the amazing customer service ! I will definitely recommend to my friends and family! ??

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  • Esdras Olguin
    2023-07-12 11:22:19

    My company loves working with Refurb technologies! Refurb makes it simple and easy to sell our IT equipment. Everyone that I have talked to during each of disposal have been very nice and professional. As long as Refurb Tecnhologies is around, we will continue doing business. HIGHLY recommend any IT professional to consider your computing equipment disposal needs! If I could rate it any higher, I'd give them a 100/10.

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  • Steve P
    2023-07-12 11:24:21

    Highly recommend. The team at Refurb were professional, quick to respond, and flexible with our schedule. The team came in and very quickly got the computer systems disassembled, packed and moved out with amazing speed. Would absolutely call them again for our recycling needs.

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  • Kanis Fatima
    2023-07-12 11:27:42

    Great customer service. Whenever we have need for technology as an organization we don't hesitate to call Refurb. Their service is amazing!

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  • Jennifer C
    2023-07-12 11:29:25

    Customer Service is great! They took the time to listen to me and answered all of my questions.

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  • Kristina
    2023-07-12 11:32:47

    I actually gave a review that I am now changing. These people are absolutely amazing! They donated a laptop that is so nice my family and I are so grateful. They shipped it quickly to my house after I spoke with them. I just want to tell everyone about them and thank u so much for being so generous and nice ?

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  • Daniel Vela
    2023-07-12 11:34:02

    Amazing company doing a great thing! Processing our older equipment with care and the driver that loaded our devices was so friendly and efficient. Even when some of our equipment had little value the team made me feel like we were doing our part to help the environment. I also feel secure that any data was being disposed of safely. Thank you Refurb Technologies family!

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  • Tiffany Mermelstein
    2023-07-12 11:36:53

    I called them to do schedule pick up they were super quick and pleasure to deal with.

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