• william johnson
    2023-07-12 07:57:29

    I had a great experience!! Customer service was beyond top notch!! They took their time to answer the many questions I had. Definitely will continue to use!!

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  • Carmen QE
    2023-07-12 07:59:00

    Great customer service. Very knowledgeable. It bothers me when I speak to someone of an establishment, and they are just as confused as me. Great work y'all!

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  • Ron Sanders
    2023-07-12 08:08:05

    Great company. John Gold is a great communicator and material is exactly as described. Good experience in both directions. Would definitely recommend and will check back for future technology needs. Thanks John! Nice job.

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  • Mom Yours
    2023-07-12 08:09:13

    Love this company. They are extremely helpful and answer all questions no matter how silly the questions are. Thank you so much

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  • Ma
    2023-07-12 08:10:07

    Friend of mine recommended calling Refurb Tech. We gave them a shot at picking up some of our hardware and they were very quick to come pick a truck load of equipment. Great customer service and a pleasure dealing with the team. Will use them again.

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  • Chuck Purcell
    2023-07-12 08:13:33

    I've used this company many times to recycle our old equipment. The office staff have always been professional, polite, and quick to respond. The onsite staff are just as great and they're respectful of our office space - never a dinged wall or cubicle. I highly recommend Refurb Technologies!

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  • Jill Renee Martinelli
    2023-07-12 10:49:28

    We took several of our computers to Refurb and they completely cleared out all of them as if they were new. The staff was very accommodating of our needs and went above and beyond. We would highly recommend Refurb Technologies to anyone.

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  • Drew Walton
    2023-07-12 10:50:47

    Been working with Refurb and Joey for a couple of years now. No hassle, quick response, everything recycled, and certificates provided for proof of destruction to ensure safety of your data. Couldn’t ask for more!

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  • Michael Andreev
    2023-07-12 10:53:47

    I have been using Refurb Technologies for years at my company and cannot recommend them strongly enough. They are very competent and professional - recycling e-waste is a breeze with them, and I really appreciate the peace of mind knowing that our old gear is either being repurposed with new life or disposed of responsibly. A++++.

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  • Chris McClure
    2023-07-12 10:59:05

    I saw a FB post regarding a free laptop, and their willingness to give back to the local community. I will use Refurb Technologies the next time my laptop or 3D printer breaks down.

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