• Laurel Snyder
    2023-07-12 11:02:51

    My husband used Refurb Technologies previously. And I am very satisfied with their service. I definitely recommend their services.

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  • Jamaryia Riley
    2023-07-12 11:05:57

    Hassle free and very fast services!! I give Refurb Technologies 5 stars for all they do to help make life a little easier.

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  • Billy Alexander
    2023-07-12 11:07:00

    Nothing but a great experience. I highly recommend Refurb Technologies to anyone searching. They are super responsive and reliable. Everything they say they’ll do, they do.

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  • Frances Baker
    2023-07-12 11:08:12

    Joey was so helpful and friendly! It's refreshing to call a company and speak to someone nice. Thank you!

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  • Faye Franklin
    2023-07-12 11:09:08

    Refurb was awesome had a scheduled pick up and they took care of my laptop quickly. I have a couple computers I will also have them look at. Very friendly service and Joey was very nice!

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  • Michael M
    2023-07-12 11:10:35

    I have used Refurb Technologies several times over the past few years to recycle laptops, MacBooks and iMacs that our family and small business used. The team is responsive, collaborative and professional.

    I would strongly recommend using their firm.

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  • Shaina Felicie
    2023-07-12 11:11:42

    I have used them for my business. Great people. Will recommend.

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  • A G
    2023-07-12 11:13:23

    Excellent to work with. Helped get what I no longer needed out of my house in a timely manner.

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    2023-07-12 11:14:40
    Refurb Technologies are awesome and Joey in customer service is a true asset to Refurb Technologies. I will continue to use them in the future for all my recycling needs.
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  • Demond Jones
    2023-07-12 11:15:48

    We used Refurb Technologies for my current place of employment with much success.

    We scheduled to have Refurb Technologies pick up various items, including laptops, monitors, desk phones, and misc. equipment.

    There was excellent communication even when I was on vacation; I was updated through each step.

    Their inventory count and tracking of the serial numbers are thorough. They also quickly removed all of the old equipment so that we could proceed with our business as usual.

    Great service and prices from a local business!

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